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         Hi, my name is Kor Thao Founder and CEO of KYX Entertainment. Welcome to KYX Entertainment. I’m so excited to introduce to you our very first Hmong Variety TV show call, “TXOJ HMOO”. The show, ‘TXOJ HMOO’ will focus on bringing forth our current and long beloved Hmong celebrities to the show and break the bias we have of them. These individuals may have either been forgotten or may been unappreciated over the years. Do we know who these Hmong celebrities are? Do we have any? TXOJ HMOO will answer these questions that will bring laughter to our stomach, tears to our eyes, and sadness to our heart. With our Beautiful Kings and Queens the hosts, they will invite our special guest to the show. They will then showcase our guest to the viewer through an unbiased interviews and segments of games. 


         I’m also very excited to say that we are looking for 2 more Hmong individuals to co-host the show. Yes, you heard me correctly, I need 2 more Hmong individual male or female to co-host the show. Many of you are born to be stars, take this opportunity and show the world your talent and audition for the show. You may not be aware, but I have recruited two very talented Hmong Stars. The first is our beautiful and talented musician, actress, and model Yasmi Pajyi Yang. Second, I’ve also recruited Angus Her, the handsome and versatile Hmong action star Actor. It is unfair of me to fill the last two seats as many of you are more than qualified for the last two spots. Therefore, I am leaving the seats open for audition. TXOJ HMOO will be our very first and only Hmong variety TV show. Let’s embark on this journey and make history together. 

         This is a monthly paid membership subscription so you will need to subscribe in order to audition. Any paid subscription Plan/Tier will get you in the door, but if you want more content from the website, you will need to choose a higher Plan. Read and choose the Plan that best fits your budget. Below are the qualification. Voting are exclusive for Silver & Gold Plan only, but during an Audition event voting are open on all paid Plans.



- Must be Hmong (Male or Female).

- Must be 18 year of age and over and below 50 years of age.

- Must speak in Hmong and Understand Hmong (Speaking in Hmong needs to be 70%-100%) 

- Must be able to speak English when needed and must understand English.

- Must be able to follow direction and have a positive attitude.

- Ability to work alone or as a team.

- Must live in the United State of America and Canada.

- Able to provide any documentation or proof that Producer requires to confirm the foregoing, including, without limitation, a valid       US passport, valid US driver's license and valid social security.

- You must voluntarily submit to and complete a background check.

- Must be able to travel to Appleton, WI, up to 6 days a month, lodging will be provided and paid by the producer.

-You must not be apart of the SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artist). 


         After becoming a membership subscription head over to the Forum and follow the instructions. Once you summit your post in the proper forum section you must email KYX Entertainment another copy of your submission with the subject line TXOJ HMOO along with your legal name (first and last name) and member username. You must also send pictures of both your side view along with your head shot (example down below). KYX Entertainment will need all information before announcing the winners. DO NOT comment or reply to any of the contestants post! Voting is the only exception. Those who are caught commenting/replying will be warn and if applicable remove from participating in the Audition. If you want to start a discussion head over to the GENERAL DISCUSSION section of the forum. Audition End September 2020. 


Email all Audition information to:


Audition Qualifications 


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