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         This is a monthly paid membership subscription so you will need to subscribe in order to Vote for your favorite contestant. You get 1 vote per contestant only. Any paid subscription Plan/Tier will get you in the door, but if you want more content you will need to choose a higher Plan. Read and choose the Plan that best fits your budget. Voting are exclusive for Silver & Gold plan only, but during an Audition event voting are open on all paid Plans.


         After becoming a membership  subscription head over to the Forum. Members to vote just press the "HEART" button on the contestants post. The "HEART" at the Botton corner of the post is the "LIKE" button. DO NOT comment or reply to their post! Members who are caught commenting will be warn and if applicable banned from the forum. If you want to say something or share your opinion you can start your own discussion in the 'General Discussion' forum section. Members you're allow one "like" per contestant. Contestant who receive the most "LIKE" will win. That's all, head over to the auditioning post and vote. Voting ENDS September 2020, Good luck and happy voting!


Audition Voting Instuction

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