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     Hi, my name is Kor Thao Founder and CEO of KYX Entertainment. These are difficult times and with the unimaginable spread of the Corona Virus a.k.a Covid -19 Pandemic our Hmong community are now facing new challenges. It is unsure of when or how long the outbreak will last while expecting a vaccine to be created. As we adapt to these changes and look toward a bright future I want you to know that KYX Entertainment is here and will be giving away donations to our Hmong communities if KYX Entertainment reaches it's goals. With your support for the show, "TXOJ HMOO' as well as your support for KYX Entertainmen if KYX Entertainment ever reaches its goal of 10 Thousand subscription KYX Entertainment will give back and will donate $2000 dollars to 5 Hmong families/ individuals each month who's been impacted by Covid-19. It's important to know that only Silver & Gold tier subscription membership are allow to choose a family or an individual of their choice.  nominated for the donations. Only Silver and Gold subscription members are allow vote and only they can see the results. In time like this it is up to us to pave a way for our communities instead of relying on our leaders to lead     

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